Indonesian Citizen Only

Terms and Conditions

IFC member registration requirements:

  • Fill out the registration form which can be sent via email
  • Photo of yourself, photo of work, and results of media coverage if any
  • Photocopy of KTP, HO, SIUP, NPWP
  • Joint administration with a fee of 5 million plus 2.4 million per year
  • Member curation for the legitimacy of the boutique's existence
  • Submitting 10 sketches to be sent to National IFC
  • Must get the recommendation of 2 members
  • New members must attend JBM (January Board Meeting) and present work

IFC Chapter Establishment Requirements:

  • At least 5 chapter members who have passed curation, then have been appointed (completed with IFC member requirements)
  • The closest chapter will accompany and recommend
  • Recommended 2 people (National BOD and Chapter Members)
  • Present the National BOD during training or inauguration
  • Submit 20% of the joint fee contribution fee at the beginning, then the rest is processed by founded chapter
  • Willing to carry out the organization in his Chapter and present the national BOD
  • Complete standardization/support requirements, e-mail, website, other social media
  • BOD and new members must attend JBM

**Introducing return letter signed by Local chapter and Secretary

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